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CNC Servo screen printers (plastic, glass, metal, & ceramic containers):

  • CC-1600L 1-color CNC Servo automatic screen printer

  • CC-2600L 2-color CNC Servo automatic screen printer

  • CC-3600L 3-color CNC Servo automatic screen printer 

  • CC-4600L 4-color CNC Servo automatic screen printer                    

  • CC-5600L 5-color CNC Servo automatic screen printer      

  • CC-6600L 6-color CNC Servo automatic screen printer 

  • CC-7600L 7-color CNC Servo automatic screen printer

  • AutoEye 2000 Electronic semi-auto Servo screen printer

Inline automatics (pin register for plastic containers & some glass & ceramic):

  • SA-102 UV automatic bottle printer 

  • SA-102-XL-UV automatic - large diameter containers requiring up to 20" stroke         

Rotary turret (open-end ware – jars-tubes-sleeves-caps):                   

  • RUV-112-UV 1-color                 

UV Dryers & UV replacement systems:

  • UV-10 UV replacement systems          

  • DUAL 400D  UV Dryer                               

  • DUAL 600D UV Dryer

  • LAB UV Dryer

  • Rotary spin UV Dryer                                               

Auxiliary equipment:

  • X-Pattern Flame treatment System     

Rebuilt units:

  • D-150, AM-180, & M20/25 semi-automatic rebuilds when available.

Pyrosil pre-treatment systems:

  • Glass, plastic, metal, powder-coated metal, etc. Available in cartridge & full system.

Supplies and service:


    • ​superior UV ink systems

    • pad printing inks

    • color-matching

    • samples

    • technical support

AutoEye 2000 Dual Servo System

RUV 112

Automatic Screen Printer

CNC Servo

Screen Printer 

X-Pattern Flamer

SA-102 Screen Printer

DUAL 400D & 600D UV Dryer

SA - 102 UV & XL Screen Printer


Get a quote: 1-440-647-5195

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